Here are some questions and answers -- brought to you by one of the other sisters going to Hong Kong at the same time as me.  She emailed a sister she knows that's in Hong Kong right now.

{By the way... the Facebook page, Many Are Called... but Few are Sisters has been super fun and helpful getting to know a bunch of sisters that are going on missions at the same time!!}

Here are the Qs...
  • What type of bag should I use? The letter from the mission president said that backpacks are not convenient. It also said we need a passport holder that we wear on at all times. 
  • Should I bring 2 flat sheets, or are the beds compatible enough that I could bring a set instead?
  • Do you seriously need a years' supply of tampons?
  • How does the whole money thing work? I know that missionaries are given money each month, but should I also have access to my own money as well? If so, does my bank account here work? Are there going to be fees each time I buy something on my account since it is international? Does the stipend we are given cover everything pretty well, or should I expect to dip into my account somewhat regularly?
  • Was Skype available for Christmas, or just phone calls? 
  • How is the language going?

And the As... 
  • People still use backpacks here. Even sisters. You just have to decide how much you want to carry around. And you don't carry your passport on you. I have a copy of my passport with me at al times though. I wouldn't buy the holder thing.
  • I would not buy sheets. The apartments have the things they need. I left the sheets that I brough with me at the first apartment. They just moved me to the new apartment and gave me sheets. Don't bring any vitamins, they give you some at the mission office. 
  • Tampons are more expensive here. You can bring a supply if you like because sometimes they are harder to find.
  • I have not withdrawn cash. I am not sure what the charge is on the debit card I use. I don't want to withdraw cash because I think the fee would be higher than just using my card at the grocery store. I use the mission cash money and repay it back when I go food shopping by using my card. The amount I get is sufficient for my needs. A missionary can live within the budget, but occasionally they will need to use some extra cash. 
  • You get a phone call on Christmas and Mother's Day -- no Skyping :( 
  • The language takes a lot of work! If you talk and try and have faith and don't stress you will learn a lot faster. 
  • I would recommend an iPod touch. About a month into my mission they allowed me to buy an iPod touch -- it has an app that helps with Cantonese!