Okay, look at this picture. THIS is worth 1000 words:

Hahaha! Isn't that GREAT?! It totally looks like I baptized her :) So hilarious. We go to our correlation meeting and the ward mission leader says, "Gwok Jimuih, Bishop has asked if you can go into the water with her to make her feel more comfortable." I was like, "What?? Wear the white clothes and everything?" He goes, "Yep." HAHA oh man.... I felt so weird about it, I called the mission president. All okay! She's 82, after all! The ward members were freaking out. They were laughing so hard at me wearing a jumpsuit :) the elders were going to have a heart attack. It was so fun :) It was SUCH a good day!

Look at this little cutie! (And I mean little... she wore a child medium sized jumpsuit). She is the most humble, wonderful person in the world. You would all LOVE her. She had the most peaceful, blissful look on her face when she was going down into the water :) And right when she came back up, she started laughing. She loved it :) I wish you all could have been there SO BAD.

We did a musical number for the baptism -- me, Sister Hansen, Elder Beal, and Elder Anderson. I tried to sing alto and FAILED. It was "I Need Thee Every Hour." I practiced the alto part like crazy and had it down! But then we got up there and I forgot how to sing so I just sang the melody. Oops. Hohn Popo loved it, though. She was in the front row... hair all wet after baptism and just beaming and nodding her head to the beat of the music. Oh my GOODNESS she is the cutest!! We love her so much!!!

Basically yesterday was a wonderful day :) Hung Shui Kiu ward had a baptism (cutest little single mom named A-Goon, I love her to pieces) and we had one :) Happiest day. There was so much peace and joy in that little chapel at Chung Uk Tsuen. I feel so blessed to be working with such amazing people.

We found a new investigator last week named Florence and she actually came to church yesterday! We were so happy about that! The work rolls forward! I absolutely LOVE where we're at right now. Things are booming.... just booming. I'm going to be absolutely heartbroken to leave all this hard work behind. This is my home!!!

Mom, you asked about the other sisters we live with. I love them so much :) Sister Warner and Sister Adams. They're so fun. We are great friends! My companion, Sister Hansen, is doing great. She's getting REALLY REALLY nervous for me to leave, she doesn't think she can take the area/investigators/ward by herself. I keep reminding her that Heavenly Father makes up for where we fall short, and He magnifies us to do what we need to do. She is where I was about a year and 2 months ago. Crazy how fast time flies.. I keep telling her, too, that I have no idea what I'm doing. STILL! We do this work for so long and we get to know everything, but really, we're still babies. We still have no idea what we're doing. The coolest part is, that it works. The Lord truly does make our weak places strong and gives us the means to do His work.

Mom this is for you too: my eating habits lately: corn flakes with soy milk, herbal tea (I'm becoming a HUGE herbal tea drinker. HUGE!!), udon noodles (gwai, remember udon delight?? still make it), rice and veggies, stir fry, egg salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, any kind of vegetables, apples, asian pears, scrambled eggs with rice and veggies ..... ha. Yep. I only eat BROWN RICE these days! Thanks to my comp :) she's such a health nut.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! I am so blessed. I have the most amazing life in the world :) I have the best family and friends EVER! And the best mission experience anyone could ever hope for :) I love this mission. I'm making every SECOND count for the next four weeks. I'm loving every single part of everything that is happening right now. It's true what they say.... the last 6 months of the mission are the greatest. AHHH I can't express how much I love this. I love you all!!

Love forever,
Sister Gwok

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